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  ● High vapor pressure
● Thermal stability prior to deposition, no self-decomposition
● Aggressive reaction with complementary precursors
● Ease of handling and transfer
● Chemisorbs to substrate
● Noncorrosive to substrate
● High purity
● Low hazard by-products
● No gas phase reaction

  Abbr. Chemical formula V.P. at T
Al2O3  TMA  Al(CH3)3  8.7 torr at 20 ℃
HfO2  TEMAHf  Hf[(C2H5)(CH3)N]4  1.2 torr at 60 ℃
 HfCl4  HfCl4  1 torr at 190 ℃
ZrO2  TEMAHZr  Zr[(C2H5)(CH3)N]4  1 torr at 70 ℃
 ZrCl4  ZrCl4  1 torr at 186 ℃
TiN  TiCl4  TiCl4  10 torr at 20 ℃
 TDMAT  Ti[N(CH3)2]4  1 torr at 60 ℃
TaN  TaCl5  TaCl5  1 torr at 111 ℃
● 기타 Metal Organic Precursors :
● H2Se 99.998% Gas

Area Application Associated film types
High-k  gate oxides, storage capacitor dielectrics  AL2O3, HfO2, HfSiO, HfON
Interconnects  Cu diffusion barriers / adhesion promoters  TiN, Ru, TaN, Ta, WN, WCN
Hard drives
 Barrier in magnetic tunnel junctions,
 used in magnetic read heads
 AL2O3, HfO2
TFEL displays  Phosphorescent layer  ZnS:Mn, ZnS:xx, CaS:xx, SrS:xx
Solar cells
 Passivation of silicon  AL2O3
 Transparent conduction oxide  ZnO
 Wear resistant coatings  AL2O3
 Anti-stiction coatings (charge dissipation
 and hydrophobic coatings
 AL2O3 (Zn doping for charge)
 Heat spreader/dissipater  AIN
 Pinhoe free passivation layers for OLEDs
 and ploymers
 AL2O3, Si3N3