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  The product is a kind of rare earth luminescent material. It is by absorbing all kinds of visible light (general indoor natural light) 10 to 30 minutes, and it continues to glow over 12 hours in the dark state.

Type A8 Series : (SrAl2O4 : Eu,Dy) ? Yellow green powder, Relative density 3.6g/cm3. After irradiated by visible light and ultraviolet light, it can emit yellow green fluorescence persistently. Outstanding after glowing property, stable chemical property, superior light radiation performance, non-toxic and tasteless, without danger. Irritation and radioaction.

Type Si Series : (M2MgSi2O7 : Eu,Dy) (M3MgSi2O8 : Eu,Dy) ? Solid powder. Including H(green), P(purple), N(blue), F(blue-green), etc. Stable chemical property, abundant luminous colors, excellent application features, high brightness and long time after glowing. Non-toxic and tasteless, without danger. Irritation and radioaction.

  Luminous paint, Printing ink, Plastic, Transportation, Fire safety signs etc.