09:30 ~ 16:00
09:30 ~ 16:00
KAMENNY-VEK은 러시아의 현무암섬유 제조사로서,가장 선진적인 생산설비와 품질관리로 정평이 나 있는 회사이다.
현무암섬유관련 논문이 대부분 KAMENNY-VEK사의 제품을 토대로 작성되는 이유는, 품질의 신뢰성이 가장 높으며, 이것은 가장 품질이 좋은 현무암 원석을 사용하기 때문이다.
▣ 현무암섬유(Basalt fiber)
Type of roving Direct roving Assembled roving High performance roving
Monofilament diameter, ㎛ 11, 13, 15, 17 10, 13, 17 13, 15, 17
Tex 110-600 270-9600 1200-4800
Unwinding Intemal only Internal / External Internal
Type of bo bbins 200 mm internal diameter 76 mm internal diameter 200 mm internal diameter
Packaging 3-7kg bobbins, up to 470kg per pallet(120x80cm pallet) 5-9kg bobbins, up to 800kg per pallet(120x80com pallet) 12kg bobbins, up to 530kg per pallet(120x80cm pallet)
Sizing KV-12, KV-42-for epoxy and phenolic resins
KV-11, KV-41-for vinyl ester and polyester resins
- 응용제품 :
Chopped strand, Fabric, Twisted yarn, Reinforcing mesh, Needle punched mat etc.
- 장점과 물성비교
Bas fiberⓡ : advantages and benefits
Compared to regular e-glass, Bas fiberⓡ shows:
  • 15~20% higher tensile strength and modulus
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Better environmental friendliness
Bas alt fiber properties significantly outperform E-glass and get close to specialty fibers like S-glass, carbon, chmical resistant glass, silica but at a lower price
Mechanical and thermal properties Bas fiberⓡ E-glass
Tensile strength of epoxy impregnated strand(ASTM D2343), MP a 2900-3200 2400-2700
Tensile modulus of epoxy impregnated strand(ASTM D2343), GPa 84-87 72-76
Application temperature, ℃ -260 up to +560 -60 up to +460
Chemical resistance Bas fiberⓡ Alkali resistant glass E-glass
Fiber weight loss after 3h boiling in cement saturated solution, % 0.35 0.15 4.5
Fiber weight loss after 3h boiling in 1N solution of HCI, % 7.1 No data 38.5